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Basketball - Boys

Varsity Men’s Basketball Lettering Policy

                Head Coach: Dan Pearson                                      

                Asst. Coach: Josh Pearson                                                                                                                  

    Lettering in basketball is not only a privilege, it is an honor.  Lettering show’s others that you had what it takes to endure a physical sport, keep up with school and still have time to commit to your family and friends.  Lettering will not be easy but it will be something that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The requirements for lettering follows:

-The player must attend at least 90 % of practices, workouts and games.           

-The player must exhibit good sportsmanship on and off the court, showing  others that they are an honest player while maintaining the integrity of the  game.  (This will be decided by the coaching staff).

-The player must be eligible for 90 % of the basketball season, and if at any  time they become ineligible to play, they must exhibit sincere desire to  become eligible as soon as possible.

- No athletic code violations for the next calendar year.

- Must not be academically ineligible at the end of the basketball season.


Basketball affects all areas of your life.  While in Men’s basketball you should exhibit characteristics of a mature individual, positively reinforcing one another on and off the court.  You should also be able to maintain a well-rounded student athlete attitude.  When you are off the court you represent not only yourself but the entire Men’s basketball team, players and coaching staff alike.  If at any time you make a wrong decision and allow the team to pay for your mistake, your ability to letter in Men’s basketball may be taken away.  

It is up to the coaching staff to decide if you qualify for lettering, many factors will play a role.  We as a staff will make decisions based upon the above guidelines.  We also hold the right to prevent lettering for any fair reason that we as a staff feel fit.