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Track and Field

2015-2016 Track and Field Season

LCO Migiziwag

We will have a fun, team oriented track season.  We will have a great training program in order to build our strength, confidence, and culture for future track athletes to come. This being our inaugural year, we will be setting our first records for our school. We will also be setting a top five record board for our times and distances as well as an All-Time record board.

Coaches: Head Coach: Podge Turnbull, Assistant Coach: Tammy Bergum

Practice: Will run from 3:40- between 4:30 and 5:00.

3 unexcused absences from practice. After 3 missed, you will not participate in the meet that week.

Excused Absences: Doctors permission or contact with me.

Unexcused Absences: missing practice without contacting me, detention.

Our practice pattern will include weight training, followed by team skills, and individual event skills.

Meets: We will have between 10-15 meets this year with the addition of Regional, Sectionals, State.

Lettering: Must Attend 90% of practices, and complete the season.

Community: We will be putting on a field day for our 3rd through 8th grade this year in which you will be required to participate and help work with younger athletes and work the meet.

Commitment, Accountability, Confidence, Family