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Visitor Policy

It is the policy of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School that it is classified as a private school. For the safety of our students we will enforce security measures appropriately. For the protection of our students, all visitors must check in at an administrative office for a VISITOR PASS and are subject to a background check pursuant to 14 LCOTCL § 7.406 as well as the Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act, P.L. 101-630. Persons with no legitimate purpose for being on school property during regular school hours and who have not checked in at an administrative office will be trespassing and may be referred to law enforcement agencies or be prosecuted under criminal trespass laws.  Any visitor who wishes to attend classes with an enrolled student must request to visit with administration at least 72 hours in advance. Suspended or expelled students may not attend any school-sponsored activity without administrative approval.


Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Free Campus Policy

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School is a smoke free and vape free facility, and as such, smoking or vaping by anyone is in violation of tribal and federal law, notwithstanding that nothing in this handbook shall be deemed to limit or interfere with the use of tobacco at traditional ceremonies and cultural functions. Anyone under the age of eighteen in possession of smoking materials and/or smoking on campus outside of traditional ceremonies and cultural functions, is subject to disciplinary sanctions and may be reported to local law enforcement.

  • As a federally recognized “Drug Free Zone” anyone suspected of using, distributing, or selling an illegal drug on school grounds will immediately be referred to law enforcement.

  • Vehicles, lockers and backpacks will be subject to search by school officials in coordination with law enforcement.

  • Law enforcement will be permitted to conduct investigations within the school with students, staff and any persons present on school grounds.

  • All persons (students, staff, and visitors) found in violation of the Drug Free School Zone expectations will face legal and disciplinary consequences which may include expulsion and criminal prosecution.