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LCO FACE - Family and Child Education

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School FACE program has been serving parents and children
since 1993 and is one of the 50 Native American programs across the nation funded by the
Bureau of Indian Education. The program was recently accredited through COGNIA,
Accreditation and Certification in collaboration with the LCO Schools.

The main emphasis promotes school readiness through culturally responsive education using
models of Home base, Center base and Early Childhood Education methods. Our national
partnerships in this endeavor include the Parents as Teachers program (PAT), and the National
Center for Family Learning (NCFL).

Homebase Model

This model offers home visitations for children pre-natal to age three. From conception to young
childhood it is CRUCIAL in terms of Brain, Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development. Parents as
Teachers (PAT) curriculum involves age specific information, parenting issues, child development,
goal setting and family well-being. Lessons are adapted to include Ojibwe culture and language.

Visitations are held on a weekly/biweekly basis with age specific information, parenting issues,
child development, goals setting and family well-being.

A FACE monthly circle is held for all participants including interested community members and
school staff. This circle may include speakers and/or workshops. Other special highlights
include field trips, a monthly book from Imagination Library and Unite for Literacy online books.
Face has included 10 translated Ojibwe books on this site.

The Center -based Model

The goal of Center base is to prepare pre-school children for Kindergarten. The outcome is
school readiness, so that children come to school reading to learn. FACE has shown evidence-
based outcomes for children ages three to four years, with a curriculum approach that is
developmentally appropriate, incorporates active learning particularly in the areas of language
and mathematics.

The following is offered for parents either Full time, Part time

Parent time is offered to assist in helping their children in school, Ojibwe language and culture,
child development and healthy living. Parents also learn about services throughout the
community that can help with goal achievement.

Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) play together in the children’s classroom. The parents
support and participate in “child led” play. They learn how their child is growing and
developing through observation. The Teachers are present to support and demonstrate
effective teaching strategies. The teachers also model reading strategies for parents/caregivers
and provide ideas that will help children learn at home.
Adult Education While children are receiving their educational services, the parents can work
toward their own learning goals in the following areas: education, employment, family life,
Ojibwe language and culture, regalia making, GED or College course assistance, study skills and
Child Development.

Status: Full- time- Adults Adult Education classes four (4 days) a week and participate in
Parent/PACT time daily.

Part-time – Adults attend Adult Education classes one to three (1-3) times a week and
participate in PACT time and Parent time when present.

Flex-time – Parents/Caregivers participate in weekly PACT time and Parent time activities at
the school, at home or in the community for a minimum of two (2) hours per week.

Distance Adult Education – Adults participate in Adult Education (digital and/or non- digital) for
a minimum of two and a half (2.5) hours per week and participate in weekly PACT/Parent
activities at home or in the community. Participation is for a minimum of (2) hours per week.

All staff are certified.

Elizabeth Bergum, MA Education- FACE Early Childhood Teacher
Deb White –Child Development Certificate - FACE Early Childhood Co-Teacher
Danielle Scott- AA Parent Educator, PAT Certification
Rachel Martin- AA Parent Educator, PAT Certification
Monica White -MA Education - NCFL Adult Education

Useful links:

Unite for Literacy (for Ojibwe book translations press on Narration on the top left corner a
box will pop up. Press “Ojibwemowin”. There are 10 translated books with a possibility of 18
more in the near future. There are also many different English books to read online. A fun site!

Parents as Teachers (PAT) Home base information

National Center for Families Learning ( NCFL) Center base information

Imagination Library Dolly Parton Foundation
For more information please contact Monica White FACE Coordinator/Adult Education
[email protected] or call 715-634=8924 x 1299.