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Izhitwaawin Integration


Lac Courte Oreilles schools shall endeavor to provide its students with a comprehensive, bilingual and bicultural educational environment.  A learning environment carefully designed to incorporate Traditional Ojibwe Knowledge into every classroom.
Traditional Ojibwe Knowledge is a foundation that brings our way life into every lesson, in every classroom, everyday. Whether we are discussing molecular structure with advanced learners or the ABC’s to new ones, we infuse our traditional values and knowledge into EVERY aspect of the curriculum.
Traditional music and traditional crafts courses are weekly specials for all elementary students.  Traditional foods, crafts, and music electives are offered to middle school students, with the addition of Fall and Spring Outdoor skills, Pipemaking, Regalia Making, and Drum making offered as elective credit to high school students. 
Regular education courses integrate language and traditional knowledge into curriculum objectives primarily centered around traditional seasonal Ojibwe activities.