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Parent Information

School Emergency response-

  • Tornado or severe weather (notification by intercom): a tornado watch means weather conditions are favorable for a tornado. A tornado warning means one has been spotted. ALL students are to be moved to a windowless room. While secured, the pupils are to be seated near the walls with their knees brought up to the sides of the head. If students are between classes when an alert is sounded, they should report to the bathroom, locker room or windowless room nearest their next class. Do not use the phone at this time. 
  • Fire, explosion, and bomb threat: In case of fire, students are immediately instructed to go to a designated area, under the supervision of the teacher, away from the building. All windows are to be closed and the door is to be closed on the way out of the classroom. Students are to proceed in an orderly yet rapid manner to the designated area. No student is to open a locker for any reason. In case of an explosion, students will be directed out of the building to a safe place. First aid will be administered as needed. 
  • To account for the safety and well-being of all students, teachers should take their roll books and check roll immediately upon reaching the designated area. 
  • Each school must follow the provisions of its Emergency Management Plan and the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP Plan). 
  • Lock Down drills will be conducted four times a year according to the following procedure: (a) Lock all exterior doors, (b) Lock all interior doors, (c) Assign staff to secure specified and pre-arranged areas; monitor conditions, (d) Recognize need and be ready for contingencies, (e) Turn off gas, water, and electricity immediately if directed to do so, and (f) Always send two people for initial assignment.
  • Daily Lock-Down procedures: (a) All exterior doors, except the front entrance, must be locked at all times, (b) Interior rooms must be locked when vacant. Teachers must lock the classroom when at break or lunch. All teachers must have keys to the classroom and to the nearest exterior door, (c) Students are not allowed to unlock doors or to stay in a classroom without an adult present, and (d) All closets and storage areas must be locked at all times. 
  • All staff must instruct students that under no circumstances are any non-school persons allowed into the building unless they have a pass or are part of a rescue team. All parents/guardians and other visitors must enter by the front door.


In the event of a concern, parents/guardians are asked to bring concerns forward in a manner which promotes positive conflict resolution. 

  • Concerns should be addressed in the proper chain of command
  • Parent/guardian should attempt to resolve issue with staff person involved
  • If the issue is not resolved to satisfaction, the parent/guardian should bring the issue forward to speak to the staff person’s supervisor. In order to find the appropriate person to speak to please contact the office staff and they can refer you to the proper point of contact
  • See Grievance Procedure on pgs. 17-18.

In the event that a meeting to resolve a conflict leads to threatening behavior, the meeting will be adjourned until a later date, the school director will be asked to mediate, and/or the individual will be asked to leave the premises. Threatening behavior may be addressed by administration and may result in a response by the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Police Department.